Residence for the Elderly Montreal, Qc

CHSLD Villa Belle Rive is a residence for the eldelry in Montreal-North and, for years, has been recognized for its quality of care for senior citizens in the Montreal-North region. The professionalism of care services for the elderly provided by Villa Bellerive offers a personalized service in an environment tailored to the needs of Montreal-North residents in nursing homes with loss of autonomy.

Our Montreal-North senior care facility offers 32 spacious, sunny and fully furnished bedrooms. The home for the elderly is located in a residential and peaceful environment on the banks of the Rivière des Prairies in Montreal-North. The amenities of this beautiful Montreal-North retirement home includes swings and patio tables where many social and family activities are held. This attractive Montreal-North home for seniors also offers balconies, a large lounge on the ground floor, cozy lounge and dining room, modern, and an outdoor terrace.

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Care and Services - Residence for the Elderly Montreal

Over one hour of daily care for autonomous adults as well as those requiring supervision and continued care.

The Montreal nursing home for the elderly creates an environment where senior residents feel at home and are valued as a community member.

Once a week, a doctor at the Montreal Villa Bellerive residence for elders comes to monitor the residents and can also be joined at any time.

A new service was added to the residence for seniors: palliative care and end-of-life care for the elderly in Montreal.

Our Montreal medical residential care facility for seniors includes more than one hour daily care to autonomous residents, to residents with loss of autonomy in need of attention and to residents in need of ongoing care.

To increase and optimize stimulation, the Montreal-based senior living facility has specialized staff trained specifically for cognitive impairment associated with Alzheimer's.

Nutritional services at the Montreal senior home for elders meets Canada's Food Guide. Meals are served in the residence dining room. The residence for the elderly provides room service when the resident's condition of the demands it.

Finally, security at the Montreal residence for the elderly CHSLD Villa Bellerive has all the modern facilities and systems ensuring the residents are fully protected at all hours of day and night.