Villa Belle Rive provides a specialised staff, fully-trained in managing cognitive impairment.

This permits us, in collaboration with our trusted partners, to offer an enhanced regime of stimulation optimised for those in the grip of Alzheimer's or other related conditions that affect our residents. Cognitive stimulation activities are held in groups, sub-groups and as one-to-ones. To be effective our care providers establish strong links with all those close to our residents with the aim of best understanding their personal habits and traits, their history as well as their tastes and interests.

From the moment our new residents arrive, we take the time to understand their life's story with a loved one who knows the resident well and, with a motivating desire to make a difference in their lives, help our residents relive their moments of joy and achievement. Our staff adapt to the interests of each individual and their cognitive abilities, and adjust their approach according to a resident's awareness of the present moment and their emotional state during the activity.

We understand the emotions and concerns involved when placing a loved one into care; this is why our staff are always available to listen and assist the family. By involving loved ones while maintaining a family atmosphere, our residents feel at home, safe, respected, and understood.

At CHSLD Villa Belle Rive, one lives in peace and dignity.