A CHSLD in a Natural Setting

The Villa Belle Rive CHSLD is a residence for the semi- and non-autonomous elderly nestled in a quiet verdant area on shores of the St Laurence River. This beautiful residence impresses from all angles and shines like a true gem.

The Residence

Built in 1962 and modelled upon the aesthetic of the local duplexes, this magnificent building, belonging to the Lanctôt family, was originally designed to be a home for the Golden Aged and comprises 32 rooms as well as an elevator.

Owner and descendant of our founders Mr. Louis René Lanctôt has the well-being of our residents at the forefront of his concerns, assuring optimal maintenance of the building, the interiors and its surroundings.

The Local Area

Montreal North offers an array of single-family dwellings, duplexes, triplexes, apartment buildings, residential tower-blocks and co-properties for the elderly. Many homes for the aged are located in this area along Gouin Boulevard.